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Last update:  January 11, 2019

This website is dedicated to the many do-it-yourself enthusiasts who are
always dreaming, planning and building something interesting in their
home based workshops; To the many early carriage and antique car
lovers who have admired these vehicles in museums, at shows, on the
road or in parades; To that parent or grandparent who wants that special
"Labor of Love Project" to be passed on to their children or grandchildren.
A special project that challenges the builder and his or her skills. A
project that, when completed, can be taken in public, to festivals, country
fairs, car shows, even driven in parades. A project that will draw
attention to itself and compliments to its builder anywhere it is shown.

Yes, we are referring to the building of Horseless Carriage Replicas. A
hobby that is growing beyond expectations. People all across our great
country and overseas are getting involved in this exciting hobby on a
daily basis.
The site features Newsletters, Links, Videos & Horseless Carriage Replica Plans
for the builder to use in the construction of
their very own Horseless Carriage Replica. Also plans for several different
makes by different builders and links to order plans.

The plans that are for sale can be found
by clicking on the "Plans" button in the header above.
If you have never seen a Horseless Carriage Replica
In Action?
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Come visit or join the "NEW" Horseless Carriage Replicas Builders Group below.
It is a forum where like thinking builders can discuss building methods, parts
availability, upcoming events or the progress on their individual
builds...Come join us!


Plans Categories

Please read before ordering plans from the "Plans Page"
Horseless Carriage Replicas .com
Project can be completed using basic craftsman skills,
basic hand & power tools and purchased hardware...
Project can be completed using advanced craftsman &
woodworking skills, basic hand & power tools...
Advanced:  :
Project can be completed using advanced craftsman &
woodworking skills, basic hand & power tools, some
metal lathe & milling, advanced welding, fitting &
grinding required. Some used auto parts may be
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