Horseless Carriage Replicas .com

This site was started for the many Horseless Carriage lovers throughout
the world that someday desire to build their very own Horseless Carriage
Replica. The site is also an entry portal to the
HCR Builders Group on
Yahoo, a forum for enthusiasts and builders to gather and share
knowledge of the earliest of automobiles.

The plans on this site currently, are for the 1901-1903 Curved Dash
Oldsmobile Runabout, and also a predecessor to the Ford Model "T", the
1906 Ford "N" of the "NRS" series and the Ford Model Speedster Body.
These plans were created by Lee Roy
"Lee" Thevenet as the results of his
efforts of furthering the interests and affection he and others have for
these early means of travel.

The goal of the group is to create "Full Size" replicas from known
dimensions gathered from the few remaining carriages in existence. Most
replicas carriages built today are used in parades and displayed at fairs,
farm show events and car shows.

With growing interest in this hobby, more plans are sure to come as there
are many early automobile manufactures that do not exist today. At the
turn of the century there was a major growth in technology in internal
combustion engines. With this growth there occurred a growing interest in
where this technology could be applied. Hence the birth of the horseless
carriage and in time the automobile. Even in the earliest days of horseless
carriages other power sources were being used besides the gasoline
engine. Electric and steam were also applied to the horseless carriage.

The site will eventually have workable plans for the Oldsmobile Delivery, or
as it is better known, "The Pie Wagon".

We also intend to feature plans for a "Full Size" REO Runabout.

Come and join in the fun of building Horseless Carriage Replicas at our
very own HCR Builders Group

Join us, we welcome you! Sign up, introduce yourself to the other
members, don't be shy after all, chances are, you would not be here if you
were not interested.

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